International Faculty

International Faculty

- Thea Davies Biology Examiner, Doctor of Biology, 22 years of teaching experience.

I like teaching. As an online biology course teacher, I developed and produced systematic online courseware and academic videos. In my free time teaching in university. I enjoy many wonderful places in the online research biology with my students I have taught will like this subject and get good grades.

- Margarita Chemistry Examiner, Master of Chemistry, 26 years of experience.

A very rich experience helping students improve their grades. 98% of students achieved the ideal grade they expected in the exam. Cultivating them to love the subject of chemistry is my greatest pleasure in the course. Chinese students are very smart and have a strong understanding ability, so I hope that they will have more opportunities to find enthusiasm for learning.

- Andrew Economics Examiner, Master of Economics, 14 years of teaching experience.

I have taught courses in the China International School for 6 years. I like to lead students to explore and study economic theory to understand the application of theoretical knowledge in life. Taking them to play games is also a form I like very much. I hope they all ike this subject.

- Younes A'Level Chemistry Examiner, PhD in Organic Chemistry, 8 years of teaching experience

I used to be a student and taught 3 years at the Bangalore International School in India which made me love teaching foreign students. Their enthusiasm and eagerness for knowledge to be observed. I enjoy teaching so that more students love the power of chemistry.

- Christoph A'Level Math Examiner, Doctor of Engineering, 26 years of teaching experience

I am familiar with the test side of the exam. It is an important starting point for students to acquire the key points and difficulties of knowledge at the fastest speed and stimulate their independent thinking ability.

- Barney A'Level Economics Examiner, PPE Undergraduate Degree, 7 years of teaching experience

I focus on the students weak learning points. I like a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere, so I have a lot of laughter in the classroom. I am familiar with the structure of the exam so my students are basically A*

- Brittany Chemistry Examiner, Doctor of Medicine, 10 years of teaching experience

I like to guide students to learn actively in a relaxed and active atmosphere. Every child is different. Cultivating their abilities of autonomy, cooperation and exploration will make teaching more interesting. In my years of teaching practice I have summarized many methods to explain the professional vocabulary more vividly and to help students better grasp the difficulties and key points.

- Arsheep Calculus Examiner, Master of Mathematics, 15 years of teaching experience

My teaching experience at the Stanford Online Mathematics Course has helped me better understand the characteristics of online learning. I am very happy to be able to make more Chinese children interested in mathematics through online teaching. I have learnt a lot discussing Higher Mathematics in the classroom and thinking together about the process of producing results.