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Group and one-to-one coaching using the latest online technologies.

Our group of educators consists of international course examiners and high school teachers in various disciplines. Our courses are customized to better fit Chinese students' learning styles and study habits. Our classes are taught in a form of a Harkness round table, with an emphasis on improving students' English-based academic ability. Taking into account critical thinking, communication, creativity and emotional intelligence, our diversified evaluation methods and comprehensive education will ensure students are fully equipped for a journey of lifelong learning.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to help students prepare for global exams.
Daily learning includes speaking, material review and examination structure preparation.
The examiner will teach and tutorial the students in both knowledge and examination skills.
Through regular feedback, practice and guidance, students
will continue to be full prepared to take global exams.

What We Provide

Our progression instruction team is comprised of expert professors
and examiners from various disciplines, including three Pulitzer Prize
winners, one Nobel Prize nominee, and Eureka and Templeton award
winners. We were initially established as a non-profit organization to
help provide students from lower and middle income groups from
around the world help and preparation to enter elite universities in
the United States. We now have additional paid services to help
continue operations.


International Faculty

We offer courses from instructors around the world.


International Courses

We offer training for international courses.


Exam Download

Downloadable examination preparation material.


Application Plan

We can help you with an application plan.

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Economics Maths English literature Business Management Biology Chemistry History Politics French Psychology Physics EE Music


SAT SAT2 History SAT2 Spanish SAT Maths SCAT SAT English Reading & Composition